Documents required when applying to install a new private jetty or when applying to alter an existing private jetty

  • The application must be made by the property owner.
  • The private jetty rights/ramp agreement must be completed by the property owner.
  • If the jetty is built on the boundary of two properties, a share agreement must be signed by both property owners.
  • If POMA is to charge each individual property owner (at a rate of 50%) then each property owner must complete a jetty rights/ramp agreement.
  • The application must be accompanied by a detailed drawing of the jetty/ramp and a list of materials to be used. Please note that all mild steel fabrications must be hot dipped galvanised.
  • Detailed drawings of hinges and the attachment points of walkways must be supplied with the jetty design drawings. All hinges must be attached to the steel frame of the floating jetty and on the embankment side of the walkways to withstand the pressures of the elements and tides.
  • If the anchor points are not detailed in the above drawing, an independent drawing of the civil structure must be attached.
  • Details of the type of vessel that will be moored at the jetty must be included.
  • It must be noted that at no time can the anchor points or the jetty structure impose on the existing retaining walls of the waterway.
  • Once the POMA board has accepted the Private Jetty Rights/Ramp agreement, the property owner will receive a release document from POMA.
  • Fabrication and installation may then proceed.


POMA is very much a “For the People, By the People” organisation. It is an example of how a community, working with the Municipality, can achieve its collective goal.

The Port Owen development is growing rapidly and is a very important contributor to the Velddrif economy. The Community recognises this and is resolute in its endeavours to safeguard the future of the Marina.

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