For any proposed illegal net fishing or any other Coastal related illegal activity noted within the harbour footprint area and Bergrivier Estuary, please contact:


To: Skippers/Owners of Vessels in Port Owen Marina

Basic Fire Prevention is the duty of every Skipper/Owner with a vessel in Port Owen Marina.

All skippers/owners are to be aware of the following protocols:

  1. All vessels to be equipped with correct and valid fire extinguishers as per the SAMSA regulations for the specific category of the vessel.
  2. Flammable liquids such as paint thinners or paint should be removed from the vessel or stored in a sealed container away from an ignition source.
  3. Gas bottles should be closed when not in use. Gas systems to be maintained as per SAMSA regulations.
  4. Petrol tanks to be stored outside engine or battery compartments and made of non-corrosive material as per SAMSA regulations.
  5. Be aware of the risks of static electricity when handling volatile fuels.
  6. Skippers/Owners to unplug shore power cables at the distribution point first when disconnecting power cables. When connecting shore power first plug into the vessel and only then plug into the distribution plug.
  7. No joints allowed in electrical leads.
  8. Unplug shore power if away from vessel for periods more than 7 days.
  9. Report any faults to the marina manager immediately.
  10. Report any incidents to the marina manager.

Emergency contact details:

  1. Fire Department: 076 694 8683 / 022 913 6000
  2. Marina Manager: 076 362 2991
  3. Director of Operations: 083 274 5798
  4. CapeNature Berg River Estuary Hot Line: 067 412 9922

Lauren Matthews (Ranger)

Ryan Marinus (Ranger)

Jan Pienaar (Ranger)

Pierre de Villiers (Supervisor - Rangers)

Wade Theron (DEFF)

Matthew Mahola (DEFF)

POMA is very much a “For the People, By the People” organisation. It is an example of how a community, working with the Municipality, can achieve its collective goal.

The Port Owen development is growing rapidly and is a very important contributor to the Velddrif economy. The Community recognises this and is resolute in its endeavours to safeguard the future of the Marina.

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