FEES 2020/21

FEES 2020/21


The current (2019/20) fees will remain effective until 31 December 2020.

The published fees for 2020/21 will become effective 1 January 2021. We envisage that the official fee increase date will therefore permanently move to January of each year, corresponding with the new financial year.

The 7.5% discount for annual payment in advance therefore becomes available in January 2021.

No discount is offered for advance payments up to December 2020.

POMA is very much a “For the People, By the People” organisation. It is an example of how a community, working with the Municipality, can achieve its collective goal.

The Port Owen development is growing rapidly and is a very important contributor to the Velddrif economy. The Community recognises this and is resolute in its endeavours to safeguard the future of the Marina.

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Marina Manager - Riaan Adendorff
Tel: 022 783 0943
Cell: 076 362 2991
Email: manager@poma.co.za
Email: poma@poma.co.za

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